Coffee talk.

September 20, 2014


Good food.
Good talk.
Good friends.

So-so coffee.

Good night. 🙂



September 19, 2014

I find that my mind is something I really can’t turn off.

Its like I can’t get into a state of just not thinking about important shit like work, family, commitments, responsibilities etc etc.

Maybe I should take up meditation.

Or maybe I should restart Cross fit again, just to get the stress and angst out of me.

Hmm thoughts or suggestions to vent? Cliff jumping into the ocean relieved some in Boracay but shits still the same once we got back.



August 15, 2014

maybe it’s time to start again,

maybe it’s time to jot down my thoughts so i can immortalize them for future use.


i’m back. 🙂

whirlwind weeks

April 22, 2010

it’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks omg filled with dramas, happiness, sadness, encouragement, hope and bimboticism (woot i invented a new word). but i shall not divulge.

after 3 months of beeing a damn sampah, i’m very glad to say that Eric Wong is finally taking his spot in society as a dog of capitalism and he’s going to be working as one of the millions of people  arduously struggling from 9-5 everyday. wee i got a job.

hahaha i’m so lazy to type lah. let’s just end this here and with a smile. i like smiles. smiles make the world go round. this is the happy side of me talking.

maybe if you search hard enuff you can read the unhappy side of me talking somewhere on the net. =) hohoho


March 9, 2010

I was watching a talk show over dinner today and they were talking to Mike Tyson and his documentary bout his life. She said, in the end of the movie, Mike goes on to say that he strives for a better life than what he has right now everyday. And how true, how true that basically everyone does that. We all have this subconscious voice or will that drives us to want to make our lives better each day.

Recent events have certainly placed that into perspective.

Symbiosis practically means a mutual profit from both parties as a relationship exists. To be able to make mutual symbiotic bonds between members of their own species is a natural born ability of any living creature. Animals do it, insects do it, and of course, building relationships with other human beings is a natural and essential part of our lives. But yet, the fact being that we’re as complex as we are, i really envy a lot of the more simpler functions that animals and insects use to create bonds and relationships. The only difference we have with (a lot) of the animal’s and insect’s ability to make relationships is that in their world, they don’t really break. There is no room for mis-communication, no margin for unintentional words uttered. We have that margin for error. And more often than not, a lot of the relationships that we see break so often are a result of small issues. Issues which could have easily been avoided or left unsaid.

Words are as powerful a tool as they are a weapon. We sometimes allow them to take control of out lives though, in a sense that misunderstandings and misinterpretations get the better of us. Even if intentions are noble, even if we stand wanting to clear the air, sometimes it maybe perceived in the wrong way. But I always believe and hope in this case that time does clear the air. It’s always a waste when things go sour, when because of little things that the bigger picture of making relationships that last goes to crap.

But saying that, it is this very ability to communicate on so many levels that make our relationships so rewarding, so enriching. And that’s the reason we keep on doing it. Be it in clubs with fun and crazy people, on facebook, at work, by the road, at go-kart tracks (haha).

This both applies to relationships both romantically, and friendships.

I’ve always said (even in a lot of the posts before) that I loathe significant others that put in place a certain amount of control in the actions of their gf/bf. And I dunno, it just may be me but here I always feel my superpower “common” sense tingling. It’s not your life. Fundamentally, you should always know that I want you to be in my life because I let you be in my life. And likewise, I’m in your life because you let me in too. That said, we’re two individuals who enjoy each other’s company more than others, we’re two people who have for the most part of our lives (as youngsters now) lived our lives single or without the company of the other. Just because we’re together now doesn’t mean that I’m supposed to drop my current life and devote my 24 hours to you (and vice versa). But of course, it doesn’t mean that being together is just a status, plain and simple.The rule of thumb for me is that whatever you want to do in your life, yes, it’s your life. You should do whatever you want if you can tell me where you’re going and where you are occasionally during the night/day so I know you’re safe, and that you’re not doing anything behind my back to betray my trust. Plain and simple right? Love me for who I am and not who you want me to be. Truth much?

I’ve never really disbelieved in love as much as I do now really. Maybe it’s past experiences, maybe it’s the notion that no one who’s been together for however many months cannot fathom how much of a commitment it is to say that four lettered word. But I’ll leave that for another day. Look not for love, instead, let it come without searching and it’ll be true. I’m happy with my life now with the friends that are in it. Being single for almost 2 years again now I’ve come to believe that there’s no rush.. that the song is true that hearts were never meant to race. Looking at problems that crop up now, actually makes me a little intimidated with the dramas.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but I guess that it’s still the same that companionship, on both point of views of relationships, is imperatively essential in our daily lives. I hope that things will clear up soon between everyone. =)

daijobuuu haha.

whimsical musings.

February 27, 2010

and another day drudges by with little to no significant meaning. haha. fail.

but lately, a lot has been running through my mind. one being perceived by some as being someone who’s now graduated but not doing anything irks me a little but i can’t blame them. i need to find my job soon, be it here in KL or somewhere else. i’m hoping it’ll be somewhere other than Malaysia but then again, not too far away that i can’t smell the amazing food that i get here (when i don’t get diarrhea or stupid shit like that).

another being matters of the heart. a little tug from the past still lingers on some days but slowly it’s subsiding. we accept life as it is and move on no? =) i’m lucky to have idiot friends to pui me sohai around. haha ahhhhhhh sien i don’t even have anything to say anymore on the blog.

too bad i don’t take many pics no? =P

bah. another day lah.

GOKARTING TOMORROW wheee! come join me and the speed freaks tomorrow at 4pm for some adrenalin pumped fun!

and i will remember…

February 2, 2010

from the time i saw you again after not seeing you for 1 whole year til today, i felt as if i’m knowing a new person but yet, nothing’s really changed.

even though mum’s told me on the phone you looked frail, i saw through and saw nothing different. physically, you did look maybe a little worse but through it all, that strong, pure, sincere and funny personality shot straight through it all.

being able to spend all that time with you, regardless of how little it was, i will always treasure those little moments. i’ve thought in the past, maybe i should have spent a little more time in wichita instead of flying home so quickly but i’ve of course come to realize that nothing in this world is more important than family, and being there for the ones you love when they need you to be.

we may not have been the closest grandpa and grandson, you and i.. but through my mum and through visiting you in the hospital, i now realize and know how much you’re proud of your family, how much you’re proud that i’m back with a degree, how much you value your daughters and sons now that they’re all there for you, taking care of you and doing their best in trying to make you feel better.

you touched the lives of so many people, even strangers in the hospital and family members of other ailing patients. you always offered to share your food with them, always told stories in the hospital about your times in china, and you were always capable of funny moments where you’d make people laugh even in the face of what’s happening with your physical self. even though that whole hospital floor was for terminal patients who cannot even walk or care for themselves, you were the strong one fighting through it all and could still walk around, exercising even! and sometimes even sneaking to the balcony or the toilet to smoke a ciggie (while cheekily asking the nurses not to tell my parents or my uncles).

even when you were diagnosed with the 3 terminal cancers, you still refused to give in and fought for 9 months now.. all the while still being able to take a taxi from home to see your friends and play chess. you would still walk from the house to the bus stop if you didn’t want a cab. you could still take those long flights to china to see your hometown village and your relatives over there for at least a few months every year. and you did all these while being cancer-struck and having lived for 88 years now. anyone will have to respect that you’re a strong fighter and your will to live, especially for your family, is beyond belief. i will always look up to that, and i’ll be blessed if i can have half your willpower, grandpa.

i will miss you, and undoubtedly, so will every other person in the family as well as those lives and souls you have touched along the way in your precious and eventful life. you’ve lived a good life and now it’s time to start a new one in the heavens above watching over us. i’m always glad that at least, you saw almost everyone in the family and we were all by your side as we said our goodbyes to you. but then again, it’s never a goodbye. this is a see you later instead of a goodbye because one day, somewhere sometime, we will all be reunited again.

you’ll be in my heart forever grandpa. i ❤ you and i’ll miss you. now it’s time for you to rest your soul in peace.

88 years you’ve lived and you’ll live a million more in our hearts.